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Who I Am

I've known for most of my life that there was something about spanking that just turned me on. I couldn't describe it and I certainly couldn't talk about it; I just knew it was there.

I found that there were many options available online to indulge my spanko gene. I poured through tons of videos, pictures, blogs, and short stories and then finally came upon the genre of the spanking novel. Specifically, I really enjoy books that showcase M/F spanking and perhaps a touch of DD.

I realized immediately that, other than being OTK, reading spanking novels was the best way for me to satisfy my spanking interests.
What I Do

As I read more spanking books, I discovered that there was not a lot of guidance available to help the reader select a book that best aligns with their interests. I also noticed that there weren’t many objective reviews of spanking books.

I found it to be very frustrating to spend a couple of bucks on a new book only to find it to be either poorly written or focused on a kink that I just wasn’t interested in.

So, I decided to review all of the spanking books I have read in hopes that I can help someone find the best book for them. I should mention that I am not really into BDSM or D/s and my reviews tend to reflect my interests.
...bringing better books to the spanking enthusiast.