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The Sheriffs Little Girl

Reynolds, Alex

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M/F: hand, spoon, belt, paddle, anal play, age play.

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After twenty-four-year-old Julie catches her boyfriend selling drugs out of a rehab clinic and he threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone about it, the world suddenly seems like a much harsher, more dangerous place. When she shows up at Sheriff Peter Mitchell’s office and explains the danger she’s in, it doesn’t take him long to decide that she needs to come home with him so he can watch over her while his men set up a sting operation to catch the man who threatened her. Peter is more than ready to protect Julie from anyone who might try to harm her, but he is far less ready for just how badly the lazy, spoiled girl is in need of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom. Yet when he takes matters into his own hands and gives her the first spanking of her life, he finds that he wants nothing more than to hold her in his lap and comfort her afterwards. Nobody has ever made Julie feel secure and loved the way Peter does, and soon she’s calling him daddy as he dresses her, gives her baths, puts her to bed, and makes sure she’s not scared of the dark. Peter will not put up with naughtiness from his little girl, and when she misbehaves his punishments leave her bottom burning and her cheeks blushing red, yet when he takes her in his arms and shows her how a man should love a woman her sore backside is quickly forgotten. But the stress of the ongoing investigation isn’t quite so easy to forget. Can Julie learn to trust her daddy to keep her safe no matter what? Publisher’s Note: The Sheriff’s Little Girl is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Julie is a naïve twenty four year old girl who is dating a creep named Crank.  Crank is not just a drug dealer, but a drug dealer of the worst kind: he is selling to the people he meets at his job in a rehabilitation center.  After discovering his secret, Julie flees their apartment and attempts to set things right.  Sheriff Peter Mitchell protects her while Crank is investigated and comes to realize that protecting Julie is something he could do forever.

One day, though, she realized that she was bored of everything she had been up to recently. She went into the kitchen and climbed on the counter in order to reach the top shelf, looking to see if they had enough supplies in for her to do some baking. That would be a good distraction, and Peter would be pleased with the surprise. 

She rummaged through, trying to see what was there. As she reached into the very back of a cabinet, she accidentally knocked a metal bowl off, sending it crashing to the tile floor. 

Peter came running into the kitchen immediately after the sound. Julie was actually a little surprised by how quickly he had arrived. 

“Julie!” he scolded. “You scared me!” 

She tried to turn around without falling from her perch. “Sorry, daddy. I didn’t mean to make a noise.” 

Peter studied her position with disapproval in his eyes. “What are you doing up there?” he asked. 

“Nothing!” Julie told him. She wanted him to be surprised. 

Peter narrowed his eyes. “I want you to get down from there,” he told her. “This is a house, not a jungle gym.”  

Julie scrunched up her nose in frustration. 

“I’m not hurting anything!” she said grumpily. 

“I don’t want you playing in the kitchen when I can’t watch you. It’s for your own safety.” 

“Noooooo, I’m fine,” Julie pouted. 

“Get down. Now. I won’t ask again.” Peter’s voice had become dangerously stern. 

“Daddddddy,” Julie whined. 

Peter had obviously had enough. He walked over to where Julie was perched and lifted her off the counter. 

“Julie, when I tell you to do something, and I tell you that it’s for your safety, I don’t expect you to protest,” he told her. 

He set her down on the floor. Julie stood nervously as she waited to see what was going to happen next. She had some ideas, though. 

Peter grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and set it in the middle of the room and sat down on it. 

“To me,” he ordered. 

Julie twirled her hair with her finger nervously. “Daddy, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you…” she started, hoping she could explain. Her heart was pounding hard as she looked at Peter sitting there with a very stern look on his face. 

“Well, that was a very quick turnaround time, kitten,” he told her. “You went from ‘it’s not fair’ to ‘I’m sorry’ in just a matter of seconds, it seems. I’m not convinced. You know better than to disobey me by now, don’t you?” 

Julie hung her head. “Yes, sir,” she whimpered. 

“Well, now you know what’s going to happen. You’re going to get a bare bottom spanking, like you always do when you’re a naughty little girl who doesn’t listen to her daddy. You need a reminder to behave yourself today, I suppose.” 

Julie slowly inched her way over to where Peter was sitting, her hands instinctively finding their way to her bottom and clutching at it protectively. 

“Over my lap, now,” he told her. 

Julie lowered herself into position. She felt Peter wrap his arm around her waist to pin her in place. His strength made her feel comforted. It was a reminder that even though he was going to punish her, she was always protected. In a way, it felt more like a cuddle than a restraint, even though it kept her from moving in the least. 

Peter flipped up the skirt of her striped dress and immediately yanked her panties down. “No, daddy,” she whined. “Can’t I have my panties on at first like last time you punished me?” 

Peter gave her a firm smack on her now bare bottom. “Julie, you don’t get to tell me how I punish you. You don’t get to decide what rules are fair and which ones aren’t. The rules are in place to protect you, because you’re a little girl who needs to be taken care of. And if I say that you can’t climb on the kitchen counters, then you can’t climb on the kitchen counters. If I say you’re getting a bare bottom spanking, then you’re getting a bare bottom spanking. Is that clear to you, princess?” 

Peter’s stern words made Julie blush. 

“Yes, daddy,” she breathed. 

“Good. Now you’re getting a bare bottom spanking. A long and hard one, that is going to leave you nice and sore for the rest of the afternoon, I hope. That will keep you out of trouble while I have work to do.” 

The Sheriff’s Little Girl was a quick age play read.  Julie is a very naïve and childlike young woman, which makes her progression from adult to “little” very natural.  She has trouble adjusting to life in Peter’s home, under Peter’s rules, which when broken come with immediate and painful consequences.   The shenanigans Julie causes under Peter’s watchful eye are definitely entertaining.



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Recomenda-se leituras mais atentas sobre o crowding-out e menos empirismo básico. Recordo que para cada problema existe uma resposta simples, invt.uitai..e geralmente errada.


Book Rating:
Not Rated

Recomenda-se leituras mais atentas sobre o crowding-out e menos empirismo básico. Recordo que para cada problema existe uma resposta simples, invt.uitai..e geralmente errada.


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