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Loving Lucia

Rose, Renee

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M/FF: hand, strap, spoon, paddle, wooden cutting board, anal.

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5 Star Review!


Marco Donarati, the Count of Parma, had no interest in taking a new wife. He got his pleasure from the working ladies, and that suited him just fine. Marco’s greatest passion is reserved for his fledgling winery, and therefore he cannot bring himself to refuse when Italy's leading wine maker, Don Edoardo Dante, offers him a source of funds with which to improve his vineyards. In return, the Count reluctantly agrees to make Dante’s red-headed daughter Lucia the next Countess. When he makes the deal, Marco never suspects that he might actually grow to care about his lovely young wife. Passionate and eager to please, Lucia must navigate her new role as Countess to a husband who holds her at arms' length. When the Count becomes guardian to her twin sister as well, things really heat up. Tested by trials, betrayals, and jealousy, Lucia and Marco must find their way together and often the quickest route is with her bent over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. Will her wholehearted submission and love be enough to break down her husband's resistance and win his heart for her? This story contains graphic sexual scenes, some anal play, and both consensual and non-consensual spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book!


As a reader of spanking fiction, I tend to gravitate toward novels that feature domestic discipline in a monogamous relationship. I certainly don’t normally go for stories involving incestuous threesomes. I now know, if done properly, I can completely enjoy a book outside of my comfort zone. Thank you, Renee Rose for expanding my horizons.

As the daughter of a wine maker, Lucia finds herself betrothed to Marco, a new member of the winery industry in historical Italy. Although Marco was initially impervious to the idea of marrying again, he and Lucia hit it off magnificently. Marco makes it quite clear from the onset of their lives together that he will be the head of their household and will demand her respect. Lucia tests Marco’s resolve on several occasions, but is unable to stop herself from falling for her steel palmed husband. The first half of this book is a great depiction of a couple falling in love while still getting to know each other.

The following excerpt describes the uncomfortable wedding night Marco and Lucia shared after she followed the advice of her father’s serving wenches:




 She paced about in nothing but a robe, with her hair brushed and down. There was nothing more to do but wait for her new husband to join her. She was not afraid. Not really. But she did have a case of the nerves. Fortunately, the serving wenches in the kitchen had explained everything to her, and she felt more or less prepared. Well, as prepared as a virgin could be on her wedding night.

When the door opened, she sucked in her breath. He really was a handsome man. Tall and hale, with dark curly hair and a square jaw. He had a gruffness about him that made her cautious, but she was sure that over time, she'd learn how to appease him. He said nothing, but sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled off his boots, then took off his shirt, revealing sculpted muscles and broad shoulders.

“Come here, Lucia,” he said to her. She walked to him slowly, alluringly, she hoped. When she reached him, she let her robe fall open and knelt down at his feet, placing her hand on the bulge between his legs. It jumped under her hand, and following the instructions from the serving wenches, she freed his length from his pants. It was long and hard, which she knew to mean that he was aroused by her. She hesitated just a little before she leaned forward and put her mouth awkwardly over the tip of it. He made a low growling sound and shuddered.

Careful not to touch him too much with her teeth, she took him a little farther into her mouth and then slid him out, then tried again. There was a slightly salty taste. She tried folding her lips over her teeth, and slid him in and out of her mouth that way, her lips making a tight sheath around his girth. From the way he jerked and groaned, it seemed to please him.

But before she could get much farther with this new activity, he stopped her, putting a hand on her head and pulling out.

“Have you done this before, Lucia?” he asked in a strange strangled voice. Was he serious? She stood up abruptly at that, flushing with anger.

“Certainly not!” She glared at him. “I am the maid my father promised you! How dare you question my virtue?” To punctuate it, she slapped his face, catching him off guard.

His expression registered shock for a moment, then he trapped both her wrists in one large hand and pulled her in very close to him, standing between his knees. “You will not strike me. Ever. Take off your robe.” He released her hands so she could comply.

She stood there, spluttering, still ready to defend her questioned virtue, but he regarded her with a face made of stone, which frightened her into silence. Very slowly she lowered robe down, first over one shoulder, then the other, letting it fall to her feet. She felt wretchedly exposed, but made no move to cover herself, his look still holding her in place.

He took hold of her wrist again and slowly pulled her upper body down beside him on the bed, so that she was bent over his knee her bottom upturned for correction. She went rigid, realizing what he meant to do.

She choked on her own breath as he started to paddle her. With the sting came a return of her indignation, and she kicked her legs and tried to wriggle free. The Count threw his free leg over her legs, scissoring them between his strong limbs. With a hand tightly around her low back, she was effectively pinned and the fire he was lighting up on her backside was enough that she was starting to feel afraid, even though he used no implement but his hand.

Slap after slap landed on her poor backside, mostly concentrated on the lower part, so that the pain of repetition compounded her distress. She started to lose her composure. But she refused to plead and beg-- she had been in the right.

But still he continued punishing the tender flesh of her backside. Mayhap striking him had been a mistake... As his hand smacked her naked flesh, coming down in the exact same spot over and over again, she gave up on stoic.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please.... please. Please stop.”

His hand stilled, but to her embarrassment, he continued to hold her over his lap that way, her bottom bared and presented to him, his hand resting on her blazing cheeks. Her entire body was trembling.

“Lucia,” he said.

She didn't answer.

“I realize I gave offense. It was not intended, and I apologize. But even so, you will treat me with respect. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lord,” she gasped.

“Good girl,” he said, patting her sore bottom. He lifted her up and sat her on his knee. Her chin was quivering and her eyes burned, but she was determined not to cry. She still felt angry, but she was not foolish enough to give him any challenge. She carefully kept her eyes lowered on the hands in her lap.




The second half of this book involves Lucia’s twin sister, Celia. Celia seeks the comfort of her twin sister after a dreadful incident and is welcomed into Marco’s home with open arms.  The two girls find trouble at every turn and employ particularly devilish ways when trying to make it up to Marco.  I must admit that when I starting reading this part of the story, the romantic in me was a little disappointed.  But, when I started to see how this unusual and complex relationship started to unfold, I was pleasantly surprised.  Marco wasn’t like so many dominant male characters in this genre; he didn’t sit on a moral high horse and refuse temptations on the basis of principle.  He instead devoured the forbidden fruit while reassuring his wife that she was in control of the situation and could stop it at any time without consequence.  He wasn't always so accommodating, however, and spanked both Celia and Lucia unmercifully hard whenever they over stepped their boundaries (which was fairly often).

Renee Rose pushes boundaries with “Loving Lucia” that will initially shock and ultimately excite the reader.  Well done, Renee!!



Renee Rose
Book Rating:
Not Rated

Thank you so much for the review! I know, I even shocked myself with this one. I was so mad at Marco sometimes I couldn't go on writing! :)


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